Hanoi Night Market

Discover night life of a new place is always a fascinating experience, by wandering in a busy night market you will learn about the local life style and habit. Hanoi night market takes place on every weekend evening, the market spreads from Hang Dao street to Dong Xuan Market creates a busy and crowded walking street. People come here to stroll or go shopping, which becomes a habit.

Hanoi night market

As a commercial street, you can find everything concerning clothes and recreation. Clothes, sweets, “o mai” (salted dry fruit), decorations, toys, stationery, sundry goods are respectively sold o­n Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Buom, Hang Duong, Luong Van Can, Hang Ma, Ngo Gach and Hang Ca Streets. All goods and facilities can be found in this exciting night market of Hanoi from Dong Xuan Market to Hang Giay Street.

People come here for shopping or just strolling in the crowd to feel the atmosphere of Hanoi night market and the habit of Hanoians. Children are excited about going shopping with their family, sitting o­n their father’s shoulders, holding their mother’s hand, walking in a stream of people, playing with sand pictures and painting statues. It is so romantic to see lovers hand in hand walking o­n the street, smiling, taking pictures, buying some pieces of clothes at weekends. There are lots of foreign tourists who go sight-seeing or shopping. It is easy for them to find Hanoi or Vietnamese style souvenirs at low prices.

Food stalls often sell “banh beo” (bloating fern-shaped cake), bacon, grilled “nem chua”, sausages, Donner Kebap, cakes, sweet porridge.. At the end of the night market street, next to Dong Xuan market, there is a night eatery with a wide range of food, such as “lau” (hot-pot), grilled food, “banh khuc” (steamed sticky rice). Join our Hanoi by night tour to experience the vibrant Hanoi.