green sticky rice hanoi

Green Sticky Rice (Cốm)

Hanoi - the capital with thousands years of culture, not only the beauty of the people here, but Hanoi also has a unique culinary culture. Speaking of culinary culture, we cannot fail to mention a specialty of Hanoi – Green sticky rice (Cốm) in Vong village. This is a folk..

loving hut hanoi vegan

Best restaurants for vegetarian in Hanoi

Eat vegetarian food to save the world, nowadays, the trend of vegetarian meals is more popular, more people choose vegetarian diet for their better health and to save the animal and the environment. If you are a vegetarian traveling to Hanoi, there will be a lot of choices for..

quan an ngon

Quan An Ngon Hanoi

Come to T-junction at Phan Boi Chau street, Hanoi, you can find some famous restaurants like phở Kiệm, phở gà Nam Ngư and especially Quán Ăn Ngon Hanoi restaurant. Welcoming thousands of guests everyday may be enough to confirm the position of this restaurant in the..

bun oc hanoi

Bun oc (Snail vermicelli rice)

Besides Phở, Bun oc Hanoi is the second choice for breakfast in Hanoi morning. You can see Bun oc everywhere, from big restaurant to small street vendors. And if you have been in Hanoi for the first time, Bun oc is one of the top suggestions of Hanoi specialties for you. We..

westlake shrimp cake

WestLake shrimp cake

Shrimp cakes, one of top 7 specialties of Hanoi, were sold only on Co Ngu street (the old name of Thanh Nien street) in the past time but now this type of cake are also sold in the luxury restaurants. However, most of visitors who used to go to Hanoi will eagerly seek a..

banh cuon hanoi

Banh cuon Hanoi (Rolling steamed cake)

Banh cuon (rolling steamed cake) – one of traditional cake make from Vietnamese rice powder, has its own attractive feature, from the appearance to the special taste. Although Vietnamese people often eat Banh cuon in the morning as light breakfast, nowadays, it can be served..

Chả cá (Grilled fish)

Cha Ca (Grilled fish) – Best places to try

Cha Ca (Grilled fish) is so delicious and attractive; it is also regarded as the most complicated dish because of strict requirements from the very first process to the final step in order to maintain the unique taste of this special type of fish. Among which, seasoning is..

bun cha Hanoi

Bun cha Hanoi – Top 5 places to try

Bun cha is a well-known local food in Hanoi. It is made of grilled pork and noodle, often thought to have been originated from Hanoi, Vietnam. This dish is served with grilled fatty pork (cha) over a plate of white rice noodle (bun) and herbs with a side dish of dipping..

Pho Ga Yen Ninh

Pho Hanoi (Hanoi typical noodle)

“Phở” – specialty of Hanoi It is difficult to deny that whenever people have talks about famous cuisine of Hanoi, Phở is the first dish recommended to taste once in life. Although Nam Dinh was assumed to be the first place in Vietnam to have Phở, Phở..

le mat snake village

Le Mat Snake Village

Located nearly 7km from Northeast of Hanoi City, the ancient Le Mat snake village (common name as Snake village), is famous for its tradition of catching snakes and making delicious culinary dishes from them. Not only the local people but also foreign tourists like to come here..

giang cafe hanoi

Cafe Giang

Giang Café in Hanoi has its own history in Hanoian memory. Giang Café, which named by Nguyen Van Giang – a bartender used to work at Metropole Restaurant, was  made by cappuccino. After 1955, Giang Café moved to 7 Hang Gai Street. Now you can find a Giang Café: a..

ho guom plaza

Ho Guom Plaza (Shark Jaws)

Also known as "Shark Jaws", Ho Guom Plaza is a six-storey landmark that sticks out from the southern edge of the old quarter. The plaza affords great views of Hoan Kiem Lake and the extremely busy (and loosely organised) road junction immediately below. With the exception..