Cat Ba island

Located in Halong bay, being the largest island among thousand islands of Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba island is well-known as a precious germ of Halong Bay by its spectacular array of sea and island scenery. If make a comparison within Lan Ha Bay circle, Cat Ba is also the largest one out of 366 islands there with area of 20,000 ha. It takes about one hour by high speed hydrofoil to go to the island from Hai Phong city, or about 60 kilometers by passing two ferries. Moreover, you can also travel to Cat Ba island via a boat departed from Tuan Chau pier in Ha Long Bay.

A precious pearl of Ha Long Bay

cat ba island

Although some tourists hesitate to come to Cat Ba island because there are no roads from the mainland to this island, but if you overcome this not-advantageous point, then your journey to Cat Ba island will be worth for many special gifts awaiting you in this wonderful island. Right from the moment you lay your first step on Cat Ba, you will be amazed at the immense blue sky, flickering sight of mountains and fresh salty air from the ocean and surely they will relieve all the dizziness from your long tired boat trip.

Beach relax

Like many other famous Halong attractions, Cat Ba island has some beautiful beaches named Cat Co and Cat Dua. The water here is very clear as crystal that you can see the golden sand beneath. If you prefer something more quiet and calm, you can hire a motor boat or kayak to sail to the small islets, and enjoy swimming or sunbathing at Duong Gianh or Hien Hao beaches.

cat ba monkey island resort

Kayaking, rock climbing, trekking

Visit to Cat Ba, you can join in a kayaking tour discovering and conquering some fascinating caves and grottos like Luon Cave, Khe Sau, Trung Trang, Gia Luan and Kim Cuong which visiting these caves and grottoes would offer you the victorious feeling of an explorer on natural wonder and mysteries?

kayaking lan ha bay

Mountain climbing in Cat Ba island is considered as advantageous activity. However, this activity brings so much good feelings for the players and here in Cat Ba, there are many beautiful cliffs in Lan Ha Bay, Dau Be and Van Boi Island and the Fish Cave that suitable for your hobby of rock climbing. They are beautiful, romantic and not so challenging for beginners.

rock climbing cat ba island

Beo Wharf: Located near Cat Ba town and also being the main port of Cat Ba island, the Beo Wharf have five rock-climbing routes here. The quality of the cliff is very good, but it’s difficult to climb in summer when it becomes slippery.

Dau Be: Another choice for you is Dau Be – a small island in Ha Long Bay, about two hours by ship from Cat Ba. The cliffs here are as steep as walls, so it is advisable that you wear safety pitons when climbing in this region.

Van Boi: Located on the small island of Lan Ha, Van Boi is really a challenging climbing point. You should use climbing ropes here.

Fish Cave: And the most popular climbing site in Lan Ha Bay is the Fish Cave, which is suitable for both climbers and non-climbers. You can choose to climb the mountains first then do kayaking later, a lot of interesting activities could be done if you have plenty time there.

Butterfly Valley: only about 20-minute motorbike ride from Cat Ba Town, you will reach the Butterfly Valley, which is the most stunning point for experienced climbers. With such rock and reggae routes, it is highly recommend that you go with a trail guide to experience this place in the most safety way.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park would be the best-ever choice for any tourist. Cat Ba National Park was founded in 1986; it covers 16.196,8 ha including 10.931,7 ha of Island and 5.256,1 ha of marine ecosystems. Let’s put on your shoes and discover this wonderful national park right now. If you are lucky, on your trekking route, you may encounter several of among great variety of animal species there, for example: the Cat Ba langurs (a type of Asian monkey), the Southern Serow (Naemorhaedus sumatraensis), Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta), Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), black giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor), and civet cats (Viverricula indica, Paradoxurushermaphroditus), many of which are endangered. You will be surprised to learn that this park is also a hotspot for land snail diversity. Interestingly, the most northerly cave-adapted crab species are also founded here. Besides, climb to Peak View Tower or relax at the Frog pond here are also very interesting.

trekking cat ba national park

Diving and snorkeling

If you love to dive deeply under the blue seawater, let’s come to Monkey Island and register at Diving Center in Monkey Island Resort to discover the coral here. With the tutor of the coach, you can easily discover the red coral reefs below the array of reef under the island foot and many other rare sea animals like abalones, pearls, lobsters, and colorful fish schools. After that, have lunch and take a stroll/biking around Monkey island will make you cannot stop your laughing at funny and lovely monkey here.