Cafe Giang

With bland chains taking over Hanoi’s café scene, ancient holes such as this one have become revered treasures. To be sure, Cafe Giang’s timeworn patina is almost a bleak exaggeration of communist-era non-chic.

cafe giang hanoi

Giang Café has its own history in Hanoian memory. Giang Café, which named by Nguyen Van Giang – a bartender used to work at Metropole Restaurant, was  made by Capuchino. After 1955, Giang Café moved to 7 Hang Gai Street. Now you can find a Giang Café: a restaurant on 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street and a restaurant on 106 Yen Phu Street.

Whatever the time goes by, the coffee is pretty delicious mixed by the whole materials as eggs, milk, coffee that you will find them so amazing and unforgettable. The egg flavor is really fat, the coffee flavor are really both fragrant and bold. But the most important factor that make Giang Café unique and different from other restaurants is the formula how to measure exactly the fixed amount of eggs and coffee and the way to mix them perfectly that will decrease maximum the egg sickness. Although there is a list of another drinks, egg coffee can be called as the best one. Join our half day tour Hanoi to try this special cafe.