Ba Be lake

Ba Be Lake – One of the most 16 beautiful lakes in the world

Located about 230km away from Hanoi city, toward the northern mountainous region of Bac Kan, Ba Be Lake (local ethnic name is Slam Pe meaning the joint of three river’s branches) is honorably to be listed in Top of 16 most beautiful lakes in the world. Ba Be Lake is also the largest lake in northern of Vietnam. The total area of this lake is surrounded by mountains and primeval forests.

ba be lake

These are some interesting activities that we recommend you experience in Ba Be Lake. The most common thing is to hire a boat to do sight-seeing on the lake. In case you love advantageous sailing, a choice of a dugout would be very excited. Besides, you can do biking along the lake side or trekking into the primeval forest of the lake. The following attractions are also waiting for you to discover:

Cave Puông: With 300 m in length and more than 30m in height, this gigantic cave is decorated with thousands of stalactites in multi colors and shapes. Moreover, there are tens of thousands of bats living inside this cave.

Đầu Đẳng waterfall: River Năng, blocked by hundred of huge stones, has to separate its flow into many smaller flows but with faster velocity and hence, creates the grandiose Dau Dang waterfall. At such length of more than 1,000 meters plus with the three huge stair stone, the landscape of waterfall is look like desolated and impressive.

Hua Mạ cave: Away from Ba Be lake about 6km, Hua Ma Cave offers you an interesting trekking to the cave’s mouth after climbing up about 300m on the sloppy mountain road. You will be amazed at the various type of stalactites inside this cave.

Ao Tiên (Fairy Poind): only about 100m away from the Ba Be lake, is said once witnessed the fairies on the sky coming there to take a bath long time ago. The water surface on the pond is so even and in deep blue color.

dau dang waterfall

Besides, if you have more time, you should visit other interesting places like: Phya Khao, Kim Hỷ, Fairy Cave, Nà Đăng waterfall, Pác Ngòi village, Thác Giềng spring, etc, enjoy the music of “dan tinh” of Tay ethnic group.

Going there

Nowadays, the home stay service is developing in many villages surrounding Ba Be lake, and the most attractive village here is Pac Ngoi village where there are more than 10 households supply the home stay for tourists with necessary facilities.  Sleeping in home stay is a very good experience if you like the nature and want to make the most of the pleasant atmosphere there.

boat on ba be lake

Otherwise, you can choose to stay at the Bac Kan town or guest-house in Cho Ra then take a car to the lake area in the morning, return your hotel in the afternoon.

Specialties made from Ba Be Lake are very fresh and delicious: fish caught from the spring, shrimp fed in Ba Be lake, chicken breed on the hill, vegetable planted in the forests, suckling pig, sticky rice planted on the terrace field, bamboo sprout, etc which will bring you good appetite.

It might be quite cold in the early morning and at night, so remember to take a warm clothes & long clothes to avoid the night dew, and anti-insect cream. Also, it would be better if you bring the sneaks and mineral water because there is not much food restaurant or grocery stores in the village.