Quan An Ngon Hanoi

Come to T-junction at Phan Boi Chau street, Hanoi, you can find some famous restaurants like phở Kiệm, phở gà Nam Ngư and especially Quán Ăn Ngon Hanoi restaurant.

Welcoming thousands of guests everyday may be enough to confirm the position of this restaurant in the mind of Hanoi gourmets as well as foreign tourists all over the world. Started with the first main restaurant in Hanoi (No. 18 Phan Bội Châu, Hoàn Kiếm) in 2005, today, the restaurant has been opened 3 new branches in different districts of Hanoi city.

quan an ngon

When laying your first step on this special restaurant, you will be amazed at unique architecture here, which is in traditional style with poetic but still serene. This scenery, which is thought to be only existed in memories of the authentic Hanoian or old books and artworks, now, is reconstituted clearly. It reminds you about the ancient Hanoi with crowed and bustled lanes full of vendors and street foods. What would be more ideal than enjoy hundreds of wonderful meals from three regions of Vietnam in such a good space in Quan An Ngon!

It is said that “Cooking is an art and the cook is also an artist”. And the artists creating delicious dishes of Quan An Ngon are the collection of best skilled cooks from famous restaurant in Hanoi. All of the dishes in Quan An Ngon have special flavors not only by the fresh and clean material, the high-quality of food, the talent hands of the cooks but also by the enthusiasm of all servants and the modern controlling system here.

Therefore, only after 7 years, Quan An Ngon has becomed one of the most attractive destinations for gourmets interested in Vietnamese rural meals. It is also a place that foreign tourists want to try to discover the food culture of Vietnam. In 2009, Quan An Ngon is the only restaurant in Hanoi to be listed in Top 5 most favorite restaurant in Vietnam selected by The Miele Guide. Moreover, Reuters life Singapore published on  August 10, 2010 also appraised Quan An Ngon as top 5 best restaurant in Vietnam and in list of best restaurant in Asia, too.

“Spirit of the land, the water and the cook” has all mixed well to make the Quan An Ngon as a grace in Hanoi city. All the best of specialties of Hanoi or of Vietnam are can be served here with the best quality and best flavors. Let set your mind at rest and enjoy your wonderful time there.