Ionah show Hanoi – A fascinating story

You might hear about Cirque du Soleil show which is recognized all over the world for high-quality, artistic entertainment. Here recently in Hanoi, you can enjoy this fascinating entertainment show – Ionah Hanoi, but it’s certainly unique compared to Cirque du Soleil and worth a visit for all foreign travelers.

Ionah show Hanoi is a unique experience combining modern dance, theater, circus, music, visual and light effects. It delivers novelty and originality in performances and stage effects.

Modified enough to fit with the Vietnamese culture generally and Hanoian specifically, Ionah Show Hanoi is really a must-watch for every travelers coming to Hanoi. Once you sit down, every minutes pass by would bring you various tones of motions: from a desire of love to the desperation, misery and finally, happiness.

ionah show hanoi

The story

Ionah (I.O.N.A.H – it’s HANOI, swapped horizontally) is the story of a beautiful young girl whose love for Hanoi is as pure and as strong as it is for her lover. A misunderstanding threatens her happiness, pushing her into the darkest corners of soul. Lost in her illusion and blinded by anger, Ionah is tormented between good and evil through a series of supernatural characters but finally, pure and un-separated love has successfully guided her to return to life, happiness beside her lover.

Throughout the show, 3D images are mixed sophisticated with vivid light and sound effects together with beautiful, unique costumes that would satisfy your expectation about an imposing show, especially the enthusiasm and passion fully expressed in every actor & actress would make you moved and wish to come to stand on the stage with them. It’s really a totally fantastic pleasure that worth your time and your concern. End of the show, your chance to take photos with the fascinating actors.

ionah show hanoi
ionah show hanoi

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Time scheduled: 20.00-21.30 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Duration: 90 minutes
Fare: First class = 940.000vnd (US$42); Second class = 700.000vnd (US$32)

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The theater: Star Galaxy Theater – 87 Lang Ha street, Ba Đinh, Hanoi.