Cuc Phuong national park

Located in Ninh Binh province about 120km from Hanoi City, Cuc Phuong National Park is proudly the Vietnam’s first national park and also the country’s largest nature reserve. The great time to travel to Cuc Phuong is in dry season when the jungle rains has been over. Let’s go and discover Cuc Phuong the whole exceptional world inside this primary forest and visit the most prominent tourist attracting point below:

Cave of Prehistoric man & Dang ancient tree

Cave of Prehistoric man is the residential relic of the prehistoric man – a precious heritage of Cuc Phuong National Park. It will take you about 300 meters to walk from the main road then climb up about fifty steps against the slope stone stairs to reach the mouth of the cave.

prehistoric cave in cuc phuong park

The Dang ancient tree is located about 2 km away from the Cave of Prehistoric man. You will hardly to see the top of the tree because its height is up to 45 meter, while its diameter is 5 meter that may be only 8 people can hug the tree body. Let’s stand below the shadow of the Dang ancient tree to experience the feeling of being so mall.

Thousand years old Tree (Parashrea Stellata) and Son Cung Cave

This thousand-year tree is also very tall (around 45 meters) but its diameter is fourth times compared to the diameter of Dang ancient tree. It need at least 20 adults with their arm length full to embrace completely the whole tree trunk. Let’s trek about 3 km to meet this special wonder of the Mother Nature here. Besides, near the Thousand-year tree location, there is small track leading to Son Cung Cave that owning many very beautiful stalactites.

thousand years old tree in cuc phuong

thousand years old tree in cuc phuong

Sau ancient tree (Dracontomelum) and Muong village

It is highly recommended to visit these points for those like advantageous trekking. You will trek through the forest and overnight at home stay with local villagers. We will start from the center of the Park toward the western part of the forest, and then reach the Sau ancient tree after 3km of walking. This tree can be considered as the landmark for your next advantageous trekking ahead. Let’s relax under its giant leaf canopy to have more courage and energy to walk more 13 km on small track across the jungle, leading to Muong village. This Muong village will you’re your eyes on its special traditional cultural characters, low house on stilts with roof made from palm leaves or alang grass, looms and beautiful Muong girls weaving motley brocade cloths.

Nature Beauty of Cuc Phuong Park

Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Not only the place for scientific researching and natural reserves, this Center is also the place where every tourist would like to visit and watch the living activities various primate types and collect useful information. According to the latest statistic there, the Endangered Primate Rescue Center is nourishing about 160 individual of 15 precious endangered primates of Vietnam, typically as the Vooc (Trachyithecus Poliochephalus), gibbon, etc…

cuc phuong tour

May Bac peak (Silver cloudy peak)

Standing on the May Bac peak at the height of 648 meters, you can see the whole of Cuc Phuong landscape, even see the Hoa Lu ancient citadel and Bai Dinh pagoda, the comprehensive view of Trang An, too. Thanks to the climate always being cool at 23 degree Celsius with the annual average rainfall of 1800mm, is so much helpful for your trekking rout of 6 km. With about 4 hours of trekking, and if you have no problem with cardiac, this trekking route would be very interesting.

Yen Quang lake – Pho Ma Cave (Prince Consort Cave)

Located about 7km from the main gate of Cuc Phuong National Park, Yen Quang lake is an ideal place for fishing, boat rowing, kayaking, or cycling around the lake. The Pho Ma Cave is located in a beautiful valley named Thung La, quite near the Yen Quang lake. Try not to miss this stunning cave because once you step your foot on there, you will be feeling like ecstasy at such marvelous architecture of the Nature in this cave. Right at the outside of the cave mouth, there is a stalactites look like a real Mandarin or a Prince Consort (hence the cave also named Prince Consort cave) from the mandarin’s bonnet to the clothes. Inside the cave are many chambers, every chambers would be structured in different shapes and finally make the comprehensive architecture of this cave is really look like an imperial palace.

Entrance ticket: 2 usd/pax

Notice: Take your binoculars to see many types of birds and beautiful butterflies on your way to discover each interesting part of Cuc Phuong.